How To Real Investments In Real Estate Properties

Real Investments Real Estate Sources
1. Newspapers are a great place to start to find real quality investments properties for sale. All states are required by law to post a public notice of auction in a newspaper for all foreclosure properties. You can regularly locate this list in your local real estate classifieds section of your newspaper and contact these homeowners about their foreclosure properties to see if they want to sell, some homeowners may not. The better flip side of this is to place a real estate ad in your newspaper stating that you buy real foreclosure investments properties. A well written “We buy foreclosure properties” ad will attract several calls per week from motivated owners that need to sell quickly. These owners have recently discovered that they need to get out, and you will find many of the best real investments foreclosure properties come unsolicited through these types of feeler ads.
2. Real Estate Agents find real good investment properties for sale There are a number of sources available when you are looking to find a real good residential investment property. Some of these sources are much better than others. Finding real investment properties is much easier than you might think. The trick, however, is two-fold and very important.

1. Finding real investments in the market that are actually for sale.
2. Finding the best real estate investments before your competition finds them.

You can find real investments properties in your local news paper, through an real estate agent, on the internet, with direct mail, word of mouth, and lenders just to name a few. Finding properties for sale and finding the best foreclosure investment properties before the competition are the two tricks we will be discussing here.
and for a living on a daily basis and are waiting for a strong motivated buyer like you who is willing and able to close the deal. Let them know that you buy foreclosure properties, are looking for real investments, give them the specific criteria about the type of foreclosure properties you are looking for; price, location, condition, etc. and send them searching. In a strong market there will be a lot of competition, so make sure you are ready, willing and able to snap up a deal.
3. The internet is the BEST place to find real investments properties for sale. Several foreclosure listing companies actually search out notifications of default and sell a subscription to those who are willing to pay for this information. The most advanced foreclosure properties sites will provide three key benefits: Plenty of foreclosure properties for sale, evaluation methods to find the best foreclosure properties based on your requirements, and easy and complete methods for contacting the foreclosure properties owner or agent. Beware that some of these foreclosure properties sites are just a way to make money and provide little or outdated information on these foreclosure properties.
4. Word of mouth is a technique that all the good investors use to fing real investments. Let it be known to everyone you come in contact with that you are a real estate investor who specializes in buying real foreclosure investments. You should make some business cards as well that say “I buy foreclosure properties” and hand them out to everyone you know.
There are so many excellent ways to real investments right in your own market. The idea is to work smart, not hard, and to let the tools that are made available work for you. You’ve always got to be ready and have your system working to find the best foreclosure properties. Start on the web and try a few methods of finding foreclosure properties until you find the best one that works for you.